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  • Firm-it mask  - 圖片
  • Firm-it mask  - 圖片
  • Firm-it mask  - 圖片
  • Firm-it mask  - 圖片

Firm-it mask


  • Invisible Mask

  • Hydration and Smooth

  • Mask Profile

    • Feeling saggy ?
      This formula has been designed to provide your skin with an absolute hydration and smooth feeling. The Lavandula Flower Extract, Vanilla Planifolia Fruit Extract, Salvia Officinalis Leaf Extract give your skin a soft touch and complete moisture.

  • Suitable skin

    • All skin types

  • Ingredient

    • Firm-it mask  - 圖片


    • Firm-it mask  - 圖片


    • Firm-it mask  - 圖片


  • Instructions

    • Firm-it mask  method step 1

      STEP 1
      Take the invisible mask out

    • Firm-it mask  method step 2

      STEP 2
      The rigid white membrane is the outer layer, adjust the mask position on the face (eyes, nose, mouth and face contour)

    • Firm-it mask  method step 3

      STEP 3
      Remove the outer layer from the left to the right (or the right to the left)

    • Firm-it mask  method step 4

      STEP 4
      Remove the air bubbles stuck between the face and the mask so every part of the face is covered by the mask.

    • Firm-it mask  method step 5

      STEP 5
      After 15 to 20 minutes, remove the mask

    • Firm-it mask  method step 6

      STEP 6
      Finally, wipe the remaining essences. You’re ready to apply your daily skin-care.