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French Champion Taiwan Face Mask  Heading to the Bosphorus Strait


French Champion Taiwan Face Mask Heading to the Bosphorus Strait

On September 25 2018, the KINGIRLS brand invited European beauty bloggers to a yacht party and feast on the Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul, Turkey, known as “the most beautiful strait in the world”. On the boundary between Europe and Asia, in the only city to span two continents, pure white yachts raised the blue KINGIRLS flag to welcome Taiwan’s French award-winning KINGIRLS mask to Turkey! Istanbul, which some describe as "The earthly home of God," is a place where The East and The West connect. As the natural dividing line between Europe and Asia, with the Black Sea to the north, the Sea of Marmara to the south, facing the Asia Minor peninsula, the Bosphorus Strait is the first port of entry for the Black Sea coastal countries. It is also the only channel connecting the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. Throughout history, Istanbul's cultural contributions and historical developments have played key roles on the global stage, and she shows her tenacity and abundant vitality to this day.

French award-winning Taiwan brand KINGIRLS and Turkish Watson’s co-hosted a yacht beauty party on the evening of Sept. 25, 2018. On The Bosphorus Strait, Eurasia’s most iconic land bridge, European beauty bloggers and skin care experts who love Taiwan’s French award-winning KINGIRLS brand Zero-Additive Facial Masks were invited to join the celebration. In the cold and dry climate of Europe, a single mask can deliver highly effective skin care. All facial masks in the series are created using top-grade plant essences instead of chemical additives. Our mild and non-allergenic formula has no chemical preservatives and combines a selection of effective plant essences. For beauty bloggers, who require the highest-quality cosmetic foundation, the subtle differences in the skin after using the mask were easy to see. KINGIRLS brand ambassadors explained and demonstrated how to use the mask and guided guests to experience the natural fragrance of the essential oil mask. On the gentle waves of the luminous Bosporus Strait, a sumptuous feast was accompanied by blue skies, white clouds and tipsy bubbles. As the skies dimmed, the lights of Bebek Pier gradually brightened in the distance, marking the perfect ending to the Bosphorus Strait’s romantic first encounter with Taiwan’s French award-winning KINGIRLS brand.