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The World's Only Winner of 11 French Cosmetic Awards For 6 Consecutive Years


The World's Only Winner of 11 French Cosmetic Awards For 6 Consecutive Years

2020 is a year when the entire world is in turmoil and, as a result, the global cosmetics market has also seen its share of shifts. Even in this mercurial year, however, KinGirls continues to be persistent in its ways. This year, even as the pandemic altered the time and form of the French cosmetic award Les Victoires de la Beauté, the passion with which each major brand chases after the 2020-2021 award has not waned.

In October, 2020, the organizers of Les Victoires de la Beauté sent the good news: The KinGirls Orchid Oil won the French cosmetic prize for 2020. The KinGirls orchid oil is researched, designed, and manufactured by GCB, a pharmaceutical company with over 50 years of experience. Using expert sterile processes combined with the independently-developed patented liposome technology, the orchid oil stood out in the demanding blind testing and passed the judges' high standard tests. That the KinGirls orchid oil was able to secure such representative laurel crown of cosmetics in France, a world leader in skincare research, is undoubtedly a significant honor and the utmost praise.

KinGirls has long been dedicated to the research and development of zero-additive skincare products and related technologies. Its entire product line has received EU's PIF and can be found in over 4500 world renowned cosmetic and premium sales channels in 23 countries across 5 continents such as the EU chain Marionnaud, Switzerland's A.S. Watson Group, and imported cosmetics product chain Afiona. Kingirls has also been named a designated brand for Paris Fashion Week and Berlin Fashion Week for two consecutive years. This year, KinGirls and its R&D team has even become the world's only zero-additive skincare expert to win 11 French cosmetic prizes for 6 consecutive years.­